THUD records

Established 2023 in Halden, Norway

Independant Record Label.

With intention to be at hand and support of artists

and their vision.

If it's real, it's a deal.

Our team are also at service with:

- Production/mixing/mastering

- Artist development

- Songwriter workshops

- Vocal Coaching (Method: CVT)


Production, Mix, Mastering

- Arranging, recording and production of your track. We collaborate with producers within several fields.

If you want your recording mixed and/or mastered, this is also a something we provide.

Artist Development

- We don't necesarilly create personas.

We discuss, cooperate and work from your visions. Our team consist of experienced people and artists who's been there, done that.

The steps, the plan, the organizing, the introductions. We can help.

Workshops/Vocal Coaching

We arrange workshops for aspiring singer/songwriters. 3 days, 6 hrs pr day.

We share, we learn, we bond and we develop. Different groups/activities available, and a Master Class to round it off. We also offer vocal coaching, one 2 one or online. The method is CVT.